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a little bit of everything…

So much to post, so little time.  So I thought I would post a little bit of everything that is going on in our lives now.  Without further ado…
A little bit of everything

Sara is sitting at the table with us now and eating food.  So far she LOVES bananas and yams, and hasn’t loved pears and applesauce. 
Sara in highchair-1 blogSara in highchair-5 blogSara in highchair-6 blog
She’s just so SUPER cute right now.  I just can’t help myself.  I love 6 month old babies.  I wish I could freeze her right now.

I take a gazillion photos of her.  Lance would tell you it’s a sickness… I tell you it’s just a love of my daughter and photography – combined.  Someday he’ll thank me for taking the gazillion photos.  You just watch.

Sara on the bed-2 blog
Sara on the bed-32 blog

As with all sports, Alex has found a new love.   Tennis.  Tennis racket and tennis ball.  Loves to play it.  Loves all things sports. 

Alex playing tennis-9 blog
And has recently found out he still fits in the jumperoo.  Hmmmm… I wonder what the weight limit is on a jumperoo?  Hopefully more than 37 pounds…
Alex in jumperoo-3 blog

And my garden – the lovely fall garden.  The anemones are blooming and they are fantastic!  Love the soft pinks.  Can’t wait for big drifts of blooming anemones someday.  So pretty!
IMG_6885 blog