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The last bits of summer

We enjoyed the last bits of summer this past weekend at the beach.  We took out the boat, we played in the sand, we enjoyed the weather in the 70’s.  You never know, but this seems like the last sunny warm day of summer.  We played and played.  Sara loved sticking her hands in the rocks and sand.  Alex was balancing on logs and rode in his floaty boat.  We sat under our big umbrella sand enjoyed the day.  We had beautiful weather to take the boat to the Narrow bridge.  I just had to take some pictures, since we bring the WHOLE family.  Rock is near Lance’s feet and just lays down, Bella rides on a seat.  Both dogs really do well and just sit down and hold on.  Sara rides in her car seat since she often falls asleep.  Alex was sitting on my lap and fell asleep too!  And, of course, Captain Lance at the helm. 


Good thing we got out and enjoyed it on Saturday, we woke up to rain on Sunday morning.


Narrows panorama 1 - Copy



the beach sept 2010



boat trip to narrows bridge