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boy for rent

For rent for the (whole) weekend: one 3.5 year old boy

Has all necessary supplies (sleeping bag, teddy bear, change of clothes and toothbrush)

He’s fun to play with: plays cars, visit the zoo (roars like a lion on command!), plays with sticks and dirt – doesn’t need much to be entertained.

What he eats: He eats almost anything, especially if you tell him how much stronger it will make him (i.e. green veggies – because the hulk is strong and he is green, he must be eating green veggies!)

He’s even got a new haircut and was bathed in the last week! 

Alex eating cake, new haircut-7 blog

Who wants to rent this special one-time offer for the weekend???

It’s going fast – contact me in the next 3 minutes if you want to secure your spot!

Otherwise – we might just tie him up and put him somewhere where we can’t hear his screams…