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{We are trying to enjoy and record the moments that make life special}
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A weekend in Sequim

A weekend in Sequim at the grandparents place…


 Alex and the visit! 012

A tired boy the morning after arriving at ~11 pm on Friday after some really tough traffic (with his beloved teddy who sleeps with him every night who apparently is called “Marshmallow”)

Alex and the visit! 016

Things are looking up – Grandma Connie (aka “Bama Connie”) has toys! Alex and the visit! 022

And apparently feeds him well – he loves oatmeal (the way he says it – it sounds like “oit-meal”)

 Alex and the visit! 027

They picked lots of berriesAlex and the visit! 038

Bama Connie and Alex posing for a picture Alex and the visit! 039

And the discovery of something totally new to Alex – artichokes!  He wandered past them and asked about them, so Connie bought a few and cooked them up.  Guess what Alex’s FAVORITE veggie is right now?  You guessed it – Artichokes! Alex and the visit! 043

Lance was there to help his Dad cut down a tree – so Alex had his chainsaw, working gloves and “chainsaw ears” to help too!

 artichoke 003Alex munching on the fabulous Artichokes.  I guess he LOVED them.  Pulling off each leaf and asking Bama Connie which way to eat it – this end or that end?

artichoke 005


On Monday – I get this email from Bama Connie – a good time had by all!


Hi Allison. 

We enjoyed that little Alex sooooo much.  What a sweetheart.  I loved every second of it...but will admit to being tired after they left.  ha! he is growing up and knows so many things...goes potty all by him self and sleeps well, eats well, and is just a little trooper.  I smile just thinking of his laugh!~  Anyway, thanks for sharing the little man with us....and Lance...he worked so hard and they did a huge job.  Thanks for sharing him too.  Connie