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the short version

I don’t have much time, I’m very busy, so much busier with going back to work and 2 kidlets.  Things are moving so fast now.


I have a baby who STILL won’t take a bottle and will only take 1-2 oz from a sippy (not enough) for maybe a total of 5-6 oz in 9 hours.  After a 2 week transition and one week full time work – I thought she would take it by now.


We have tried lots of bottles and lots of positions, but nothing is helping now.


She is still sleeping good at night, but not taking in enough at night to make up for the daytime.


She isn’t having enough wet diapers during the day (only ~4).


She is happy, though.  I nurse her when I get home and she nurses happily.  Then often falls asleep.  She doesn’t demand to be nursed again a few hours later, but I do it anyways.  And then again before bedtime. 


She’s been really tired, probably due to being hungry and waiting for me. 


She hasn’t wanted to look at me lately, I think she’s mad at me for going back to work.  I tell her than I have to and she needs to learn to take the bottle. 


Although I’m not totally worried, I am starting to get a little worried. 


We’ll see what happens this weekend…


Next week I might have to call her pediatrician to make sure she’s OK.