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The Bjorklund Brood Becomes Bigger

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I had the absolute pleasure of photographing my best friend Jessica, hubby Tor and her new twin boys this past week! 


A new family.  


This is my absolute favorite image from the shoot because it shows their smiles – their distinctive smiles that I’ve seen so many times.  They have waited a long time to become parents and it wasn’t as easy as they thought, encountering many obstacles.  They’ve definitely had a journey to get to this point – but, the journey has just begun…  It just keeps getting better and better.


Jessica and Tor have the most beautiful baby boys, Lars and Odin.  They are healthy and happy and are growing like weeds!  They were born at 34 1/2 weeks, just like Alex was – but were much healthier.  They needed a bit of oxygen, but were mostly in the special care nursery for learning how to feed themselves.  It’s been a big challenge for Jessica to breastfeed these boys – but, I’m so proud that she’s doing it!  I knew she could! 


While I was preparing for the session – I was looking back at photographs from when I was little with my parents and grandparents and sister.  I realized what I LOVE about photography – history.  We made history during the photography session.  These boys will grow up looking at these photographs and see their parents smiles and look back on these images when they are parents, looking at their babies – maybe with the same smiles. 


Thank you for the pleasure of making history with you Jessica, Tor, Lars and Odin!





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