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A year ago … seems so long

I’m just apparently not feeling like blogging lately, must be the big yard projects and the new job that are taking up all my time….  So, I thought it was time to look back and see what we were doing last year at this time.


On the Carousel at the zoo

Alex and Mama on carousel at zoo (4)Final


At the beach being silly

Funny sitting on log (1)Final


Getting ready for football season with Daddy49ers outfitsFinal


Playing on our newly installed stairs Alex on stairs (2)Final


And last, but not least – getting ear tubes.  Thank goodness for ear tubes!  I had totally forgotten about this and now it seems perfectly normal to not have ear infections anymore along with endless rounds of antibiotics and no sleeping for anyone. 

AMEN!  Thanks goodness!


Poor little boy – he was so scared and feeling funny because of getting knocked out.  He just wanted his Daddy so bad.  Ear tubes Children's hospitalFinal