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A dream

It was a typical Moms night out - I met with some gals for an evening of good food, wine and great conversations. I came home around 9PM and Daddy had the duty of putting Alex to bed that night. He went to sleep at his usualy time, but kept waking up and crying. He woke up twice since I had gotten home and it's usually best if the one who puts him to bed goes in there and settles him back down, lest he get all excited. But, by the third time, I braved the crying kiddo and went in. I asked him what was wrong, did he have a scary dream?

He said "yeah - scary dream"

I asked if it was about his bicycle (something that isn't scary - but a chance for him to say no and then tell me)

He said "No - boats"

We had a long coversation about boats, water, waves, boots and cold.

Guess what show him and Daddy had been watching on tv on Mom's night out?

It's called the Deadliest Catch - a show about Alaskan crab fishing with lots of scary, dark, boats, water, waves, boots, cold. All of it!

I calmed him back down and he was asleep for the rest of the night. Although, Daddy and I did have a converstion, as well, about appropriate shows for a 2 year old!!!