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More about the worm

With the BEAUTIFUL weather last weekend (Hope the weather is nice this Mother's day weekend, too!) we were preparing our garden for planting - and it needed it! There were lots of weeds (the left side of the photo is grass, but the right side is pure weeds in my garden beds), but with the two of us working together - it went pretty fast and looks fantastic now! Daddy found a worm and showed it to Alex - he was very curious.

Daddy asked him if he wanted to touch it or hold it - he is very facinated by bugs and creatures of all sorts right now.

He's still considering it

He's holding it! What a brave boy!
He then wanted me to hold it and (I sneakily asked Lance for his glove!) and held it, too! I'm trying to model good behavior - but it's damn hard sometimes! I like my worms in the garden doing worm like things - not me holding them!