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The beach

We enjoyed a wonderful Memorial Day Monday at the beach in Gig Harbor with Grandmas and Grandpas and all sorts of fun. Here is Grandpa (Bampa T.) and Grandma Judy (Bama Judy) carrying buckets and shovels to hunt the wild geoduck! And Grandma Connie (Bama Connie) was there too!

The tide was very low and the sun was shining and Alex found many sand dollars to play with. He would scoop up the sand and look around at all the living little things you can see when you're a short person, close to the ground and everything is new to you! He saw many little bug type animals and little crabs, starfish, sand dollars, geoduck, and many many more.

We bought him this new "rash guard" shirt and loved it! We didn't have to worry about him getting burnt (SPF 50!) and didn't have to keep slatering him with sticky icky lotion all day long. As you can see - it was full coverage! He wore his sun hat most of the day, too, but I just had to take it off when I was shooting pictures to get his cute expressions.

Daddy caught a BIG geoduck! For those of you who don't know - geoduck is like a relly big clam. We use it in seafood chowder.

Here we are at the top of the beach with all the drift logs and warm little rocks to sit on and soak up the warmth. We brought some really tasty watermelon, pinapple and cheese and crackers and sat up there for a long time playing with all the wonderful things a beach has to offer. We finally headed up to Bama Judy's and enjoyed a wonderful dinner around a fire pit. We pushed little Alex through no nap and he really did wonderfully - I think it's all the excitement of being at the beach and at "Bama's Beach House" that makes it OK not to nap on certain days.
Happy Memorial Day!

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