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Alex's new bed

Alex never slept in a crib. Not a day in his life. We tried, but he succeeded. So, from our co-sleeping to his own twin mattress on the floor is how it went. We then put the twin mattress on the frame eventually and it worked pretty well. Yes, he did fall off a couple of times, but no permanent damage! Now after about a year of than and going through some more sleeping struggles, after I saw a post on a friends blog (Hi Zoe!) about getting a new full bed for their two year old son and remembering what my Mom would say about having me sleep on a full bed when I was young - I was convinced this is what we needed.

Enter good old Craigslist... I found a really nice bed frame (see above) and like new mattress with two side tables for $200! Lance was a little (means ALOT!) skeptical about spending money after I was just laid off but I had to tell him to trust me. I would sell the twin bed along with some other things and we would be making money!

So, after a little bit of looking around I found the bed and made an offer. Another person had already made on offer and it was accepted but they weren't picking it up for a few days. I convinced the nice people that I was right in Woodinville (they were too) and that I could come pick it up that night! It was a match made in heaven.

I bought a very reasonable new comforter set with sheets and pillow cases from Overstock that I thought would go with the "Underwater" theme of Alex's room. To me, the bedspread looks kinda like kelp. Of course the animals are still up on the wall and Alex loves looking at them and now he even wants to sleep with his Monkey, Bear and Sheep every night. Sometimes there are even race cars involved.

Alex has loved saying "my new bed" and we remind him at night about how he's sleeping in his own new bed. He loves things that are new right now. New vitamins, new shoes, new pants, new bed - anything that is "new" has more of a chance with him.

And of course - the beloved "Dog-Dog" that sleeps with him every night on his new bed with new sheets. The lovey that I forced him to love and now he does. Ahhhh love.
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